March 08, 2005

TV: American Idol -- women's semifinals, week 3

Nothing hugely shocking tonight; people were pretty much good, mediocre, and awful as you'd have expected from the first two weeks.

Good: Nadia, Vonzell, and Jessica. Nadia's starting to affect me the way Fantasia did last year; she's eccentric and weird, and I'm not entirely sure what to make of her, but she's always compelling.

Mediocre: Carrie, Amanda, and Lindsey. Carrie's probably the best of this group, but she was particularly dull and listless tonight.

Awful: Mikalah and Janay. Janay's simply too young for this competition; her pitch is terrible and she looks terrified. Mikalah's voice is harsh and nasal, and her low notes were particularly off pitch tonight.

Three weeks running they've given the worst performances; surely Mikalah and Janay will be sent home this week.

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