March 15, 2005

TV: American Idol -- 60s night

My rundown:

Jessica, "Shop Around" -- nice voice, not much personality. The words "my mama told me" are consistently off pitch.

Anwar, "A House Is Not a Home" -- Burt Bacharach songs are hard, people. There are some serious pitch problems here, and he's working so hard on getting the notes right that there's no personality shining through. His dullest performance yet.

Mikalah, "Son of a Preacher Man" -- If you can get past that awful nasal honk, she sounds better tonight than usual; she's on pitch and seems to be having fun with the song. But this is a disastrous choice for her voice. The song requires smooth and sultry; Mikalah is harsh and brassy. And I can't get past that awful nasal honk.

Constantine, "You've Made Me So Very Happy" -- This, on the other hand, is an excellent song choice, well suited to his style and his voice, and quite well sung.

Lindsey, "Knock On Wood" -- This sounds a lot more like the disco-era version than the 60s version to me. I really like the huskiness in Lindsey's voice, but the woman has negative charisma, and her pitch is all over the place tonight.

Anthony, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" -- This is definitely not the 60s version. Well done for most of the way, but there are two or three extremely sour notes near the very end.

It is scary to realize that we are halfway through the show, and the best performance thus far is Constantine's.

Nadia, "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" -- my first WOW! moment of the season. Dazzling, fabulous, impeccable.

Bo, "Spinning Wheel" -- next time, Bo, let's see if we can't learn all of the words, OK? Aside from that, it's a good choice for his style, and very well done.

Vonzell, "Anyone Who Had a Heart" -- remember what I said about Burt Bacharach songs being hard? Uh-huh. Like Anwar before her, she's working so hard on just getting the notes right that the performance feels a little bland. It comes to life at the end, though, and she looks fabulous.

Scott, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" -- Scott doesn't sound too bad tonight, but look at him. Has anyone ever had less fun singing this song? He looks bored, like he'd rather be someplace else. And look at that tension crease between his eyebrows, especially at the very end.

Carrie, "When Will I Be Loved" -- she's oversinging and pushing terribly hard, and her rhythms are stiff and metronomic; it certainly doesn't feel as if this is a song she's known all her life.

Nikko, "I Want You Back" -- lots of energy, but I just find his voice intensely unpleasant, and can't get past that to evaluate him in any detail.

Most deserving of going home (still): Mikalah, but I'd be content with Lindsey or Nikko.

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