March 21, 2005

BOOKS: Dating Is Murder, Harley Jane Kozak (2005)

Second in Kozak's series of comic mysteries featuring Los Angeles greeting card artist Wollie Shelley.

This time, Wollie's a reluctant contestant on Biological Clock, a very low-budget reality TV show, when her friend Annika, a young German woman working as an au pair, suddenly disappears. The police don't seem terribly interested, so Wollie starts digging herself, and stumbles into a case involving international drug smuggling.

The plotting isn't as tight as it might be, but the characters are fun to spend time with. The suspects are an interesting and wide-ranging lot, and I came nowhere close to guessing who the real culprit was. Kozak's writing is very laid-back, and I enjoy her sense of humor. Hardly essential reading, but I liked it.

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