March 22, 2005

TV: American Idol -- Billboard #1 hits night

My rundown:

Anthony, "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me" -- the song really needs the harmony vocals, which doesn't help him. It's a bit too precise; he needs to learn to cut loose, but it's not a bad performance.

Carrie, "Alone" -- dull song, and the beginning is pitched a bit too low for her, but she sings it very well, and it's nice to see her show some stylistic range.

Scott, "Against All Odds" -- he doesn't connect with the audience at all, no eye contact, no gestures to them, and he still looks terribly pained when he sings. He sounds better than he has in the past, though.

Bo, "Time in a Bottle" -- a competent performance. On a ballad like this, his tendency to scoop into notes instead of hitting them squarely on pitch really shows, though.

Nikko, "Incomplete" -- oh lord help us, what's with the outfit? Pitch is off throughout, especially at the ends of phrases. Yuck.

Vonzell, "Best of My Love" -- solid vocals, and she's showing more personality and having more fun than she ever has.

Constantine, "I Think I Love You" -- disastrous song choice; the rock edge doesn't mix well with the bubblegum pop song. He's almost showman enough to sell it, but not quite.

Nadia, "Time After Time" -- the biggest disappointment of the evening. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't very interesting. Loved the hair, though.

Mikalah, "Love Will Lead You Back" -- even if I try to make allowances for the fact that I don't like Mikalah's voice, this was horrible; she was almost never in pitch. Her worst performance yet, which is saying a lot.

Anwar, "Ain't Nobody" -- he looks so uncomfortable and stiff at the beginning of the song. The big note at the end and the final choruses were pretty good, but if he can't find some way to get comfortable with revealing his sexy side (if he has one), he's not going to make it to the end.

Jessica, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" -- good song choice for her voice. A bobble with the words at one spot, I think, but a very strong performance.

For the night: Jessica, Vonzell, Carrie, Nadia, Scott, Bo, Anwar, Anthony, Nikko, Constantine, Mikalah.

Fastest improving: Scott.

Fastest sinking: Anwar.

Most deserving of going home, still: Mikalah and Nikko.

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