March 21, 2005

BOOKS: Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun, Darby Conley (2004)

A collection of Conley's marvelous comic strip Get Fuzzy
Conley's characters are sharply defined and unforgettable. Bucky is the cat, angry, cynical, and hostile; Satchel is the dog, trusting, sentimental, and a bit naive. Neither of them is the brightest of animals. Trying desperately to keep them in line is their owner, Rob Wilco.

The drawing style reminds me of both Bloom County and 28 Chickweed Lane; it's less cartoonish than the former, a bit more ragged than the latter. I'd be willing to bet that Bloom County was a big influence on Conley; Rob even looks a bit like a less dissolute Steve Dallas, and there's a lot of Opus (minus a few IQ points) in Satchel.

Among the stories collected here: Satchel convenes an international convention of dogs (inviting a German shepherd, an Afghan hound, a French poodle, and so on); Bucky's ongoing feud with the ferret next door, culminating in an appearance on Judge Judy's show; and Satchel's ongoing fear of bicycles.

Funny stuff, nicely drawn and written.

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