March 12, 2005

MOVIES: Be Cool (F. Gary Gray, 2005)

Not much to say about this one, really; it's a bit like Ocean's Twelve in the sense that you get the feeling the actors had a lot more fun making the movie than you're having watching it.

Most of the cast -- Travolta, Thurman, Keitel, De Vito -- are just doing variations on their usual shtick; Vince Vaughn is (as usual) especially annoying. The Rock is at least attempting to do something he hasn't done before, and while his turn as a gay bodyguard occasionally drifts a bit too close to offensive cliche, it suggests that he might be a serviceable comic actor, if given a decent script.

Coming off best, maybe just because we haven't seen them much before, are the two musicians-turned-actors in the cast. Andre Benjamin (of OutKast) is funny as a dimwitted thug who just wants to kill someone; Christina Milian is very sweet as the baby diva whose career everyone wants to control (and she sings very nicely, too).

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