March 03, 2005

TV: American Idol -- men' semifinals, week 3

Some interesting surprises tonight. The rundown:

Scott -- this is the best he's ever sounded, and it's still not very good. The dancing is awful, and he looks as if he's in pain when he sings, which makes him unpleasant to watch.

Bo -- a few pitch problems, and not the best song choice for him, I thought, but an OK performance.

Anthony -- vastly improved, showing a power and a personality we haven't seen before. Terrific surprise.

Nikko -- major pitch problems, especially in the first half. High notes are still pinched, though he sounds a bit better than usual.

Travis -- absolute disaster. Pitch is all over the place; his voice disappears on the low notes; and it's a terrible song choice. Worst performance any of the men have given this season.

Mario -- apparently left his personality at home with his hat. Bland, lifeless, uninteresting performance.

Constantine -- listen to how lazy his phrase endings are; words like "magic" and "tragic" come out as an unpitched puff of air. Of course, the notes he is putting pitch too aren't all that accurate, so it's probably no great loss.

Anwar -- solid as always. I'm a bit concerned that he doesn't seem to know any songs less than 20 years old, but still the class of this group.

For the night, Anwar and Anthony are the best; Constantine and Travis the worst.

Overall, Anwar, Bo, and Mario absolutely deserve spots in the final 12; Anthony and Travis aren't as impressive, but should make it to the finals; some combination of Constantine, Scott, and Nikko needs to go home this week.

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