January 30, 2011

MOVIES: Best of 2010

Having spent January catching up with some of the year's movies that I'd missed in theaters, the next few posts will be my annual picks for the year's best. There are three movies among the major Oscar nominees that I haven't seen: 127 Hours, not just because of how horrible the arm-chopping scene might be, but because I don't think I can take the two hours of anticipating the arm-chopping scene; Biutiful, because I've had more than my share of gloom and depression this Oscar season, and I am not so fond of Javier Bardem that he's going to get me to sit through two more hours of g&d; and The Town, which I actually went to, and left in boredom after the first half-hour. Beyond that, if your favorites aren't on the list, you have my permission to assume that I just didn't see them.

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