January 30, 2011

everybody needs somebody to link

The Wall Street Journal reports on an intriguing new opera that replaces the traditional pit orchestra with a group of a cappella singers -- a "voicestra."

At Slate, Shankar Vedantam argues that partisanship is the new racism.

Salon's Alonso Duralde on the woeful state of Latino cinema in the US.

At TV Guidance, Jamie Weinman makes the case that TV's so-called "death slots" may not be so deadly anymore, at least for the right shows.

Steve Pond of The Wrap offers as clear an explanation as I've ever seen of the complicated mathematics that goes into choosing the Oscar nominees.

Roger Ebert and film editor Walter Murch on why 3D doesn't work and never will.

And this collection of delightful "premakes" -- trailers for the imaginary "original" versions of recent movie hits. Here's my favorite, for the 1965 Disney live-action movie Up, starring Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas.

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