January 09, 2011

Here a link, there a link...

I've tried several times to get into the habit of posting links to the interesting stuff I find, but so far, haven't been able to make the habit stick. Let's try again, with the first in (we hope) a weekly collection of links:

At Asking the Wrong Questions, Abigail offers some good advice to the Hugo Award nominators.

What You Ought to Know debunks a popular myth about spelling.

Entertainment Weekly provides a very early look at what might be landing on TV this fall.

Dionne Searcey at the Wall Street Journal comments on the slow death of the "Dear X" salutation.

Scary news from Playbill:  Barbra Streisand wants to tackle the King Lear of musical theatre roles, a part for which she is only about 25 years too old. (Mind you, I'm sure she could still sing the hell out of Rose, but there's not enough gauze and vaseline in the world to make her young enough.)

At Mirror, Kartina has some fascinating thoughts on bathrooms,  privacy, and identity in Black Swan.

And while I'm still in mourning that StinkyLulu has discontinued his monthly Supporting Actress Smackdown, I'm delighted that he is still hosting the annual Supporting Actress blogathon, with links to (so far) more than two dozen posts on favorite supporting performances of 2010.

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