January 07, 2007

MOVIES: An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Guggenheim, 2006)

Finally caught up with this on DVD, and there isn't a lot to say about it. It is as thorough a primer on global warming as one could want, and will be of great use in high school and college classes as an overview of the subject. It's hard to imagine anyone, unless they have their own personal or political axe to grind, coming out of the movie unconvinced that the problem is real.

But as a movie, An Inconvenient Truth falls terribly short. We are in a golden age of documentary film, as directors find new and interesting ways to tell their stories, and to bring life and interest to the driest of subjects. Against that backdrop, a 90-minute slide show hosted by Al Gore doesn't cut it.

Informative and deadly dull in equal measure.

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