January 21, 2007

Kiwi! (and other goals)

If you're seeing a cartoon above these words, then I've partly accomplished one of my goals (let's not call them "resolutions," because I've never kept a New Year's resolution in my life) for the new year of blogging:
  • I will figure out how to post videos and pictures so that this place isn't just a sea of text.
  • I will pay more attention to TV. Right now, I generally have a blitz of posting when the fall season begins, a few posts about the Emmys, and episode commentaries on American Idol (at least once the sadistic audition shows are done with and the actual competition begins).
  • I will do more linking. I see lots of stuff I like, think to myself "oh, I should post a link to that," then never remember to do it.
  • I will -- at least occasionally -- try to go a bit deeper than "plot summary; I liked it/ didn't like it" when talking about movies (and books, and TV).

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