April 26, 2005

TV: American Idol -- music of the new millennium

This may have been the dullest night in Idol history. It's a sign of how long it's been since I listened to pop radio that I didn't recognize most of the songs, and a sign of how bad pop radio has gotten that I don't ever want to hear any of them again.

The rundown:

Carrie -- Paula is right to point out that this song doesn't allow her to show off her pipes, but even beyond that, she sounds tense and short of breath. It's the first time I've ever felt like she had to work to get through the song.

Bo -- looking life a refugee from 1968 San Francisco, Bo delivers up a song that sits right in his comfort zone, but unfortunately it's a lethargic, tepid performance, and the shirt is the most memorable thing about it.

Vonzell -- the first half of the song is terribly flat, I think mainly because it's pitched too low for her. She sounds better after the key change, when she gets into a more comfortable higher register.

Anthony -- I don't much care for the breathy sound at the beginning, but hey, at least he's pretty much on pitch throughout. On a night this weak, that's enough to make this seem better than it is.

Constantine -- as the judges have been suggesting for a while now, Constantine isn't really a rocker, and this performance proves it. It's all phony attitude and insincerity; it's an imitation of a rocker, and it's almost painfully funny to watch.

Scott -- lord knows I don't expect much from Scott, but even by those standards, this was sad. He wasn't anywhere near pitch, and the high notes were especially bad. He sounded tired; it was a lazy performance.

For the night: Anthony, Vonzell, Bo, Carrie, Constantine, Scott.

Overall: Vonzell, Carrie, Anthony, Bo, Constantine, Scott.

The "what the fuck is wrong with you, America" award to the most deserving evictee goes -- as it always does -- to Scott.

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