April 24, 2005

MOVIES: Cube 2: Hypercube (Andrzej Sekula, 2002)

The first Cube, made in 1997, was a pretty nifty low-budget SF thriller which required only one small set and a handful of actors. Cube 2 duplicates the formula almost exactly, with a bit less gore and violence (for most of the way, at least), then throws in a stupendously bad ending that explains most of the things that the first movie smartly left open-ended. If you haven't seen Cube, then Cube 2 might entertain you; it's not terribly made, and though the acting certainly isn't brilliant, it's sufficient to the material. But better you should see the first one instead.

(I admit, though, that I am curious to see Cube Zero, the prequel, to find out how they ring a third set of changes on the same material.)

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