April 19, 2005

TV: American Idol -- 70s dance night

The rundown for 70s dance night:

Constantine, "Nights on Broadway" -- There's a lot of vibrato in those opening phrases, and it almost sounds electronically processed. This is a creepy performance, full of oily Vegas sleaze. Wayne Newton would be proud.

Carrie, "MacArthur Park" -- very uneven. Carrie and the band have trouble matching tempo at the beginning, and the verse is pitched far too low for her. But those choruses, and those big huge notes at the end, are absolutely spectacular.

Scott, "Everlasting Love" -- he still looks pained when he sings, with a nasty "I've got a headache" squint, and his voice is awfully nasal. But by Scott's standards, this is quite good, which is to say that it's almost adequate.

Anthony, "Don't Take Away the Music" -- the most obscure song of the night, and deservedly so; it's aggressively uninteresting. But it suits Anthony well, and his performance is fine; his pitch is rock-solid throughout.

Vonzell, "I'm Every Woman" -- what are those weird little shoulder heaves in the intro? This is one of the most overdone songs on Idol, and Vonzell loses points with me just for dragging it out again. But she's having lots of fun, and she sounds terrific.

Anwar, "September" -- love the tied-back hair; a great look for him. The dancing is painful to watch, and although this is better singing than he's done in several weeks, it's still dull.

Bo Bice, "Vehicle" -- the song was never anything but a bad Blood, Sweat, & Tears knockoff, and Bo can't do much to make it interesting. It's well suited to his voice, though, and there's nothing really wrong with the performance.

For the night: Anthony, Vonzell (a close call, which Vonzell loses for cliched song choice), Carrie, Bo, Anwar, Scott (amazingly escaping last place!), Constantine.

For the season: Vonzell, Carrie, Bo, Anthony, Anwar, Constantine, Scott.

Still most deserving of the ticket home: Scott. But if the viewers are voting solely on tonight's performances, Constantine and Anwar would not be disappointing choices.

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