February 23, 2005

TV: American Idol -- seminfinals, week 1

I love American Idol. Quick reactions to the first week of semifinal competition:

The men were not an impressive group. Best was probably Anwar, who's got a great voice, even if his "Moon River" arrangement was awful. I liked Judd, who seems to be the most polarizing of the men, and Mario at least had enough energy and charisma to rouse the audience from its night-long coma. Bo, Travis, Constantine -- all OK. The rest were all weak, with David being the worst. As long as he's one of the two to go home, I don't much care which of the other five (Anthony, Joseph, Scott, Nikko, Jared) joins him.

The women were better, though I don't yet see anyone as good as the previous winners. I liked Nadia, Vonzell, Jessica, and Carrie; Aloha's got lots of personality, but I need to hear her sing a better song. Most deserving of the trip home: Mikalah, who seems to have studied at the Fran Drescher School of Music; she should be joined by either Janay or Melinda. The rest (Amanda, Lindsey, Sarah, Celena) were bland and instantly forgettable.

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