February 28, 2005

MUSIC: LA Philharmonic 05-06 season

Got my renewal package for the Los Angeles Philharmonic this weekend, and there's lots of good stuff coming up in the 05-06 season: A full cycle of Beethoven's symphonies; the continuation of the multi-year Shostakovich symphony cycle; a festival of minimalism; a week-long guitar festival; residences by composer Thomas Ades and pianist Leif Oves Andsnes.

I normally have to do a lot of mixing and matching and exchanging of tickets to get a series that I actually like, but my series for next year is actually quite good. I get Eliot Fisk performing Takemitsu and Rodrigo; Andsnes doing Mozart; Hilary Hahn doing the Sibelius violin concerto (on a program with the Shostakovich 13th); Reich's "Proverb" and "Tehillim;" and a pairing of Ligeti's Requiem with Beethoven's 9th.

There're a few more programs I may buy single tickets to as supplements -- Beethoven's 5th/Lutoslawski's 4th (I know practically nothing about Lutoslawski); Poulenc's organ concerto (Disney Hall's organ is magnificent); the US premiere of a violin concerto by Ades (another composer I should know more about).

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