January 09, 2005

MUSIC: A Sunday Sampler

Lots of 60s box sets added to iTunes/iPod this week -- Nuggets and Nuggets II, Phil Spector, Simon & Garfunkel, Doo Wop Box III -- taking the total to just over 900 songs.

Highlights of the week:

"Words Enough to Tell You," a mid-60s song from Sweden's The Mascots which sounds like an early Beatles song.

"Stay Awhile," by the Clovers. Doo-wop with a weird tinkling piano accent and a fabulous electric bass riff.

This week's 20-song sampling:

The Mascots, “Words Enough to Tell You”
Huey Lewis & the News, “If This Is It”
ABBA, “Angel Eyes”
Anne Murray, “Allegheny Moon”
The Bobs, “Bird on a Wire”
Bobby Bloom, “Montego Bay”
Jessica Molaskey, “All the Cats Join In”
Tracey Ullman, “Bad Motorcycle”
The Chords, “Sh-Boom”
Al Green & Annie Lennox, “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”
Mindy Smith, “Come to Jesus”
Darlene Love, “A Fine, Fine Boy”
Glass Bottle, “I Ain’t Got Time Anymore”
Tears for Fears, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
June Carter Cash, “I Used to Be Somebody”
Clay Aiken, “Solitaire”
The Magnetic Fields, “Deep Sea Diving Suit”
Carlene Carter, “Hallelujah in My Heart”
The Gladiolas, “Little Darlin’”

The Valentines, “Don’t Say Goodnight”

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