March 10, 2007

Why, it's a veritable cornucopia of linkiness!

In keeping with my earlier stated goal to do more linking to nifty stuff at other places:

Nathaniel at The Film Experience offers a generous list of the actresses who might be in the running for next year's Best Actress awards, in two pieces -- here and here.

The Chicago Tribune's Red Eye begins an elimination tournament to find TV's best character. First-round matchups include Denny Crane vs. Adrian Monk and Stewie Griffin vs. Veronica Mars.

If you enjoy the American Idol commentaries here, you can find equally astute post-mortems at Modern Fabulousity, Check the Fien Print, and What's Alan Watching?

StinkyLulu treats what might seem a ridiculously narrow topic -- the performances of supporting actresses -- with respect, admiration, and wit.

Sports Illustrated took it upon itself to ban its own swimsuit issue from schools and libraries this year.

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