March 25, 2007

Welcome to Link City!

From the Los Angeles Times, provocateur David Ehrenstein on Barack Obama and the Magical Negro.

Daniel Fienberg makes the case that Stephanie's ouster from American Idol wasn't "shocking" at all, and wasn't even really all that surprising.

A lovely, insightful obituary for Calvert DeForest, aka Larry "Bud" Melman.

Could Porter Wagoner follow in the footsteps of Johnny Cash and be the next veteran country singer to find late-in-life popularity with the hip kids?

At South Dakota Dark, a roundup of summer movie trailers.

An amusing bit of theater casting: Melissa Gilbert as Ma in a musical version of Little House on the Prairie.

It took more than four years, but Christopher Rouse's Requiem finally has its world premiere tonight. (And I'm very excited; he's one of my favorite composers.) Grant Gershon of the Los Angeles Master Chorale talks about the piece here.

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