September 24, 2005

TV: Love Inc.

This sitcom takes us inside a New York dating agency.

Clea (Holly Robinson Peete) is the owner, recently separated from her own husband. Denise (Busy Philipps) and Francine (Reagan Gomez-Preston) are the agency's matchmakers, or "wingwomen," as the show puts it; they accompany clients to bars and advise them on what they're doing wrong. Viviana (Ion Overman) is the receptionist, devoted to getting one of their male clients to marry her so she can get a green card; Barry (Vince Vieluf) is the none-too-bright photographer.

The cast is certainly likable enough, and there's an occasional funny joke. Nothing especially memorable, and it's never going to be a great sitcom, but it's harmless and not offensively awful.

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