March 13, 2012

BOOKS: Trail of the Spellmans, Lisa Lutz (2012)

Fifth in the comic mystery series about a dysfunctional San Francisco family of private investigators.

"Mystery" is perhaps a bit of an overstatement where these books are concerned; the plots are almost an afterthought, serving mostly as a loose framework on which to hang Lutz's light, fluffy tales of affectionate family squabbling. That said, there are some significant changes in the lives of the Spellmans this time around -- two new members of the Spellman family, a non-Spellman addition to the household, romantic and business upheavals -- and the family is as charming as ever. The clients and cases, such as they are, are amusing, and you needn't fear that your brain will be overtaxed along the way.

Like the other books in the series, it's a breezy little bonbon. A nice, tasty, banana-flavored bonbon.

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