March 20, 2011

the things we do for links

Los Angeles Times, Richard Winton:  Should the Los Angeles City Attorney be able to stop a prominent graffiti artist from profiting by selling his legal art signed with his tag?

Shady Characters, Keith Houston: Part three of the suprisingly interesting history of the pilcrow. (That's this thing: ¶)

Strange Horizons, Genevieve Valentine: Winter's Bone considered as a fairy tale.

Sad news from the Associated Press, where the stylebook is dropping "e-mail" in favor of "email." Horrible and wrong. It's not "tshirt," it's not "fstop", and it's not "email"

And in this video from Feminist Frequency, Anita Sarkeesian argues that True Grit's Mattie Ross is not a feminist character. I'm not entirely convinced, mostly because I think it's wrong to expect a 19th century character to live up to a 21st century conception of feminism, but it's an interesting argument, and Sarkeesian makes it well. (via The Film Experience)

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