February 20, 2011

you always hurt the one you link

A terrific series of articles and blog posts on the current state of online TV criticism began at Slate with Josh Levin's article on Alan Sepinwall and the role of the fan-critic. The conversation continued with responses from James Poniewozik at Time, Myles McNutt at Cultural Learnings, and Sepinwall himself. And critics Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee continue the discussion in the latest episode of their Talking TV podcast, joined by McNutt, and Noel Murray of The AV Club.

At Salon, Matt Zoller Seitz wonders if Glee can be saved.

Annie Lowrey at Slate explains federal deficit and debt by reducing the numbers to the scale of a typical household budget.

How old is Ikea, anyway?

Clark Whelton on the newest dialect of English: Vagueness.

And we close with a look at the perils of computer-generated captioning:

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