May 04, 2010

MUSIC: American Idol 2010: Frank Sinatra

Sinatra's music is alien territory for most of the remaining singers, so they can use all the help they can get. And they get more than the usual mentoring from Harry Connick Jr, who not only does the standard sessions with each singer, but writes the arrangements and leads the band as well.

The rundown:

Aaron, "Fly Me to the Moon" -- Pitch is a bit wobbly throughout, but he seems unusually confident, and there's a lot more personality coming through than usual. It's a more grownup performance than his norm, and entertaining despite the flaws.

Casey, "Blue Skies" -- Oh, that didn't work at all. Pitch was consistently bad, and (Connick's opinion notwithstanding) a bluesy vibe with no connection to the lyrics is not enough to sell the piece. It was flat and lifeless, and you could see how badly Casey missed his guitar.

Crystal, "Summer Wind" -- Quite nice. A bit too much gasping between phrases, and the sound mix has the band just a shade too loud, but the singing has a nice swing to it, and it's a sultrier, more seductive side of Crystal than we normally see.

Michael, "The Way You Look Tonight" -- The opening verse is gorgeous; it falls a bit flat once the band kicks in, but it's still a very good performance, sweet and tender. Michael's biggest problem, though, continues to be his enunciation, which is very poor tonight.

Lee, "That's Life" -- Fabulous. Well sung, emotionally real, with just the right amount of swagger and balls. A mile ahead of anyone else tonight.

For the night: Lee, Crystal, Michael, Aaron, Casey

For the season: Crystal, Casey, Michael, Lee, Aaron

Let's send home: It's time for Aaron to go home and let the grownups fight to the finish.

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