May 19, 2007

MUSIC: American Idol (end-of-year awards)

After the surprising elimination of Melinda on Wednesday night, I'm finding it hard to care much about the upcoming finals. I'll watch, if only to see how it plays out. I expect Jordin to win, if only because the sort of songs that wind up as Official First Single are big goopy ballads that will be much more in her comfort zone than his. (It's possible that could change this year, what with the online songwriting contest to choose the OFS; I didn't listen to any of them.)

But before we get to the finals, let's give out the end-of-year awards for the high and low points of the year. All awards are based on the final rounds of the competition, just from the top 12 on.

Best performance: Jordin, "I Who Have Nothing" (the first time through)
Runner-up: Melinda, "Have a Nice Day"
(if I were considering semifinal performances, Melinda's "My Funny Valentine" would be the clear winner of this award)

Worst performance: "Sanjaya, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
Runner-up: Haley, "Turn the Beat Around"

Voted off too soon: Melinda
Runner-up: Gina

Lasted too long: Sanjaya
Runner-up: Chris R.

Most disappointing: LaKisha, whose immense vocal talent was rarely matched by the sort of personality and charisma that would have made her a contender for the title

Most pleasant surprise: Gina, who turned out to be more than just the bland rocker chick she seemed at first, and was finding her real strength and comfort zone when she was sent home

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