April 28, 2007

Department of Link

The Exeter (RI) Public Library, which serves a city of 6,000 people has subscribed to Netflix as a way of supplementing its DVD collection. I look forward to reading the "how we did it" articles in the library journals next year.

Roger Ebert's gutsy insistence on attending his Overlooked Film Festival this weekend got a lot of attention this week. Another bit of journalistic courage came from Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner, who informed his readers that when he returned from his vacation, it would be as
Christine Daniels.

The biggest injustice in American Idol history? Tamyra's ouster in season one,
says Simon.

Miranda July, director and star of the marvelous film Me and You and Everyone We Know, has created a charming
promotional site for her upcoming book No One Belongs Here More Than You.

"Classic gross-out comedy works well when performed by servants and slaves at the expense of their social "betters." But it is less appealing when performed by elite-educated pranksters at the expense of ordinary citizens." -- from a fine piece on Borat by Martha Bayles at Serious Popcorn

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