February 03, 2007

TV: Another musical episode?

So a bunch of us were talking about 24 over at The Well (which, if you're into online communities, you really should check out, because it's a nifty place), and someone jokingly suggested that the show should do a musical episode, which led me to propose the following list of musical numbers:

Overture: "The Following Takes Place"
"Where's Jack?" (Bill, Chloe, Morris)
"I Haven't Got Time to Explain" (Jack)
Ballet: "Dance of the Innocent Bystanders"
"Listen to Me" (Jack, Terrorists)
"Refocusing the Satellite" (Chloe, CTU Computer Staff)

Entr'acte: "Tick...Tick...Tick...Tick..."
"Another Goddamm Mole?" (Karen, Bill, Chloe)
"I Need It By the Top of the Hour" (President Palmer, Aides)
"Time's Running Out" (Jack, Head Terrorist)
"Where's Jack? (reprise)" (Company)
"Your Country Is Grateful, Now Please Go Away" (President Palmer, Jack)

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