July 06, 2006

TV: Emmy nominations

Lots of surprises when the nominations were announced this morning. A few quick thoughts:

Most inexplicable nominations: Alfre Woodard (the least interesting character in the least interesting plotline in her show's disappointing season), Kevin James (ahead of Zach Braff or Jason Lee? Really?), Stockard Channing (did people think she was still on The West Wing?)

Most inexplicable omissions: James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, obviously, but also Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee. And as always, the perpetually bizarre lack of love for Lauren Graham, Kelly Bishop, and John C. McGinley.

Not-all-that-surprising omission: Hugh Laurie. Best Actor/Drama was a very crowded field this year, and while I'd have preferred Laurie to some who did get nominated (Sheen or Meloni, for instance), there are others who didn't get in who deserved it even more (Michael C. Hall, Edward James Olmos).

Not a good year to be the defending champ: Three of four Best Actor/Actress winners and one of the two Best Series winners from last year were eligible to be nominated this year; none of them were.

Planned obsolescence: Seventeen of the forty acting nominees (in the series categories) this year are from shows that have been cancelled, and at least one other (Alfre Woodard) has already been written out of her series (and who knows whether Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart will be back for the next season of 24?), which means that there are likely to be lots of new faces come this time next year.

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