July 05, 2005

TV: The '70s House

Remember those PBS reality shows like Frontier House and Colonial House, in which a typical American family is immersed in the lifestyle of the past? They give up modern comforts and conveniences, wear the uncomfortable period clothes, and adopt the social roles and customs of that era.

Tonight, MTV offers its take on that genre, with The '70s House, in which a dozen 20-ish kids are asked to live without cell phones, without DVDs, without Splenda or satellite TV or the Internet; they'll be trapped in an avocado-green house with nothing to sustain them but 8-track tapes of the Doobie Brothers.

At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy-duddy: Are you kidding me? My junior high years are now such ancient history that living in that era is considered hardship enough to make entertaining television? Oy, maybe kids today really are useless...

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